Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Does Your Smart Building Need a Shrink?

Let’s face it, even the most intelligent people get confused sometimes.  Why would you expect your Smart Buildings to be any different?

Of course Smart Buildings are programmed to be Smart by intelligent people, even to make their own decisions using Artificial Intelligence.  But then what?  What happens when the Smart Building gets confused?  Can’t remember where it left its keys?  The building looks normal, its vital signs appear fine…but a couple of pieces of questionable data could cause it to become disoriented.

Critical systems should annunciate alarms (if programmed properly), and if someone is responsible for reacting to them, appropriate action can be taken.

But what about the less critical errors that occur, the ones which largely go unnoticed until a building’s occupant is too hot or too cold.  Then the phones start ringing, tenants aren’t happy and you begin to wonder “what’s wrong with my Smart Building?”  What is causing these behavior problems?  Does my Smart Building need a shrink?  Is this an emergency, will my Smart Building end up in the E.R.?

Your building probably just needs a good dose of Connect – Monitor – Correct, a service powered by Building Clouds.  Connect – Monitor – Correct diagnoses those nuanced glitches that can lead to bigger problems if left untreated.  This proven cure works with all Smart Building systems and can avoid costly visits to the Psychiatrist, or worse a trip to the ER.

Connect - Monitor - Correct

Works with all Smart Buildings
Save 25% or More on Operating Costs
Keep your budget under control, have happier tenants, get more done!

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