Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Create a Smart Building in 5 Simple Steps

A Smart Building still sounds like science fiction, but any building can become intelligent in 5 simple steps.
  1. Answer a few simple questions to determine how you want your building to operate, and discover the level of connectivity you have now.  In rare cases a visit to the building may be necessary to fill in the gaps.
  2. Engineers will generate a plan for your review to be sure all your desired strategies have been captured.  A road-map for future growth and potential enhancements should accompany this plan to ensure the strategies are future proof.
  3. Time to connect your building’s equipment and services to the cloud.  A single internet connection will suffice in most cases to begin relaying data and commands between the cloud and your facility.  A full analysis of the data, monitoring and validation begins occurring behind the scenes to establish your baseline.
  4. Your building’s intelligence has now been harnessed and is ready to work for you.  Remote monitoring, automated alarms, and energy efficiency adjustments are live and occur automatically at this point.  Your desired Smart strategies are in full effect and can be modified and adjusted as the needs of your occupants change.
  5. Cost savings show up immediately in reduced service calls for routine maintenance and as time marches on, your energy savings begin to pile up as well.  Your Smart Building is running smoothly, your occupants are happier, and suddenly you have more time to work on important projects or even take a well-deserved vacation.
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