Sunday, February 12, 2017

Would You Like to Save 25% or More on Building Operating Costs?

The costs associated with running a commercial property can be overwhelming.
Unexpected maintenance or repairs can severely impact budgets and cause unnecessary inconveniences for your tenants.  With reduced maintenance staffs, more responsibility falls directly on Property Managers to both identify problems, and determine the best course of action to remedy them. 

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A Service That We Recommend Is

Connect – Monitor - Correct

With Connect – Monitor – Correct from Building Clouds you will stay on budget, have happier tenants, while you and your over worked maintenance crew will be able to get more done.

This is a BMS Assurance program which has been proven to save 25% or more on building operating costs in addition to increased monthly savings on energy, gas, and water, while increasing tenant satisfaction.

The program currently covers more than 10,000,000 square feet of connected real estate giving Property Managers the peace of mind they deserve.

The service works with all computer based building energy management systems regardless of manufacturer, technology, age, or installing contractor.
Helpdesk Engineers Save You Time

The service provider will setup and maintain a cloud based connection to your building’s energy management and control system (BMS).
Experienced helpdesk personnel will monitor your connected building systems to ensure they are optimized for both tenant comfort and energy savings.
Should an issue arise such as a failed mechanical system, helpdesk engineers will:
 - Give you advanced notification.
 - Coordinate the repairs with your pre-approved vendor(s).
 - Any tenants impacted by the situation will be contacted and kept informed as the repairs are being completed.
 - Following any repair or service event, a report will be delivered to the Property Manager which outlines the cause, effect, and recommended course of action to prevent future occurrences.

Wouldn’t be nice if … did not have to be the Property Manager and the Maintenance Engineer for your buildings? could reduce your operating costs by 25% or more and save energy at the same time. could (and you deserve to) have peace of mind.

You Can With, Connect – Monitor – Correct by Building Clouds

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