Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Does Your Smart Building Need a Shrink?

Let’s face it, even the most intelligent people get confused sometimes.  Why would you expect your Smart Buildings to be any different?

Of course Smart Buildings are programmed to be Smart by intelligent people, even to make their own decisions using Artificial Intelligence.  But then what?  What happens when the Smart Building gets confused?  Can’t remember where it left its keys?  The building looks normal, its vital signs appear fine…but a couple of pieces of questionable data could cause it to become disoriented.

Critical systems should annunciate alarms (if programmed properly), and if someone is responsible for reacting to them, appropriate action can be taken.

But what about the less critical errors that occur, the ones which largely go unnoticed until a building’s occupant is too hot or too cold.  Then the phones start ringing, tenants aren’t happy and you begin to wonder “what’s wrong with my Smart Building?”  What is causing these behavior problems?  Does my Smart Building need a shrink?  Is this an emergency, will my Smart Building end up in the E.R.?

Your building probably just needs a good dose of Connect – Monitor – Correct, a service powered by Building Clouds.  Connect – Monitor – Correct diagnoses those nuanced glitches that can lead to bigger problems if left untreated.  This proven cure works with all Smart Building systems and can avoid costly visits to the Psychiatrist, or worse a trip to the ER.

Connect - Monitor - Correct

Works with all Smart Buildings
Save 25% or More on Operating Costs
Keep your budget under control, have happier tenants, get more done!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Create a Smart Building in 5 Simple Steps

A Smart Building still sounds like science fiction, but any building can become intelligent in 5 simple steps.
  1. Answer a few simple questions to determine how you want your building to operate, and discover the level of connectivity you have now.  In rare cases a visit to the building may be necessary to fill in the gaps.
  2. Engineers will generate a plan for your review to be sure all your desired strategies have been captured.  A road-map for future growth and potential enhancements should accompany this plan to ensure the strategies are future proof.
  3. Time to connect your building’s equipment and services to the cloud.  A single internet connection will suffice in most cases to begin relaying data and commands between the cloud and your facility.  A full analysis of the data, monitoring and validation begins occurring behind the scenes to establish your baseline.
  4. Your building’s intelligence has now been harnessed and is ready to work for you.  Remote monitoring, automated alarms, and energy efficiency adjustments are live and occur automatically at this point.  Your desired Smart strategies are in full effect and can be modified and adjusted as the needs of your occupants change.
  5. Cost savings show up immediately in reduced service calls for routine maintenance and as time marches on, your energy savings begin to pile up as well.  Your Smart Building is running smoothly, your occupants are happier, and suddenly you have more time to work on important projects or even take a well-deserved vacation.
Learn more about Smart Buildings at buildingclouds.com

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ready for Summer? Beat the Heat!

As you are painfully aware, rising summer temps can wreak havoc on tenant satisfaction and cause maintenance costs to escalate quickly.

How do you Beat the Heat?

How can you be sure your HVAC systems are functioning optimally?
How will you handle the barrage of hot & cold temperature complaints?
What is your plan to avoid cost overruns from unexpected service calls?
How do you know when you actually need an onsite service call?
building clouds, energy etc

Comments from the real world...

“I am fortunate to have Energy ETC as a partner.  Their care and commitment helped our team transform a poorly running mechanical system into a smoothly operating one. They gained a clear understanding of the building’s mechanical system, deployed their Building Clouds software, developed a control sequence, installed instrumentation and hardware, tested functionality, and trained our facilities staff on how to optimize performance.  Energy ETC’s Help Desk also monitors our equipment.  Recently during a test, the cooling tower was accidentally left on.  Energy ETC’s staff caught it and saved the day!”

Be proactive and Beat the Heat with this simple, cost effective solution.

building clouds energy etc

building clouds energy etc

It's like having a check engine light for your building...Only better

A persistent reminder.
Impossible to ignore.
An alert that reaches out to you.
24 hour monitoring with Help Desk.
With BMS Assurance you'll be worry-free, we're already on it!

Learn More About BMS Assurance with
Connect - Monitor - Correct

Watch a Short Video About the Service
Superior Facilities Video

Download the Free White Paper Here
How to Save 25% or More on Building Operating Costs - Automatically

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www.energyetc.com     www.buildingclouds.com

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Would You Like to Save 25% or More on Building Operating Costs?

The costs associated with running a commercial property can be overwhelming.
Unexpected maintenance or repairs can severely impact budgets and cause unnecessary inconveniences for your tenants.  With reduced maintenance staffs, more responsibility falls directly on Property Managers to both identify problems, and determine the best course of action to remedy them. 

Download the Free White Paper Here 

A Service That We Recommend Is

Connect – Monitor - Correct

With Connect – Monitor – Correct from Building Clouds you will stay on budget, have happier tenants, while you and your over worked maintenance crew will be able to get more done.

This is a BMS Assurance program which has been proven to save 25% or more on building operating costs in addition to increased monthly savings on energy, gas, and water, while increasing tenant satisfaction.

The program currently covers more than 10,000,000 square feet of connected real estate giving Property Managers the peace of mind they deserve.

The service works with all computer based building energy management systems regardless of manufacturer, technology, age, or installing contractor.
Helpdesk Engineers Save You Time

The service provider will setup and maintain a cloud based connection to your building’s energy management and control system (BMS).
Experienced helpdesk personnel will monitor your connected building systems to ensure they are optimized for both tenant comfort and energy savings.
Should an issue arise such as a failed mechanical system, helpdesk engineers will:
 - Give you advanced notification.
 - Coordinate the repairs with your pre-approved vendor(s).
 - Any tenants impacted by the situation will be contacted and kept informed as the repairs are being completed.
 - Following any repair or service event, a report will be delivered to the Property Manager which outlines the cause, effect, and recommended course of action to prevent future occurrences.

Wouldn’t be nice if …

...you did not have to be the Property Manager and the Maintenance Engineer for your buildings?...you could reduce your operating costs by 25% or more and save energy at the same time.
...you could (and you deserve to) have peace of mind.

You Can With, Connect – Monitor – Correct by Building Clouds

Click Here to Download the free White Paper

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Monday, May 30, 2016

What if you could make your Smart Building more Sustainable?

What if you could make your Smart Building more Sustainable?


Your building is going to use energy, using that energy efficiently is great…using that efficient energy when it comes from the cleanest power source, now that’s SMART!

Building Clouds has partnered with WattTime to bring their Environmental Demand Response vision to commercial buildings.  Now you can choose where your power should come from, automatically.  Reduce CO2 emissions by using energy when it is being produced by the greenest source available.

WattTime, a nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, CA has developed groundbreaking software tools which determine how energy is being produced in real time.  Their algorithm analyzes the cleanliness of power being generated throughout the United States, relates it to your location, and determines when your smart devices should use that power.  This environmental intelligence can substantially reduce pollution without any change in equipment operations, or user comfort.

Learn more about WattTime here.

Download the case study from our first installation project with them here.

Are You Responsible for the Operation of Buildings?

Adoption of strati-fi Wi-Fi Controllers is Skyrocketing

Our strati-fi wireless products were developed to be low cost, simple to install, and IT friendly.  They are used around the globe in schools, offices, retail franchises, hospitality, and municipalities to increase occupant comfort, reduce nuisance service calls, and lower energy costs.    More info here...