Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ready for Summer? Beat the Heat!

As you are painfully aware, rising summer temps can wreak havoc on tenant satisfaction and cause maintenance costs to escalate quickly.

How do you Beat the Heat?

How can you be sure your HVAC systems are functioning optimally?
How will you handle the barrage of hot & cold temperature complaints?
What is your plan to avoid cost overruns from unexpected service calls?
How do you know when you actually need an onsite service call?
building clouds, energy etc

Comments from the real world...

“I am fortunate to have Energy ETC as a partner.  Their care and commitment helped our team transform a poorly running mechanical system into a smoothly operating one. They gained a clear understanding of the building’s mechanical system, deployed their Building Clouds software, developed a control sequence, installed instrumentation and hardware, tested functionality, and trained our facilities staff on how to optimize performance.  Energy ETC’s Help Desk also monitors our equipment.  Recently during a test, the cooling tower was accidentally left on.  Energy ETC’s staff caught it and saved the day!”

Be proactive and Beat the Heat with this simple, cost effective solution.

building clouds energy etc

building clouds energy etc

It's like having a check engine light for your building...Only better

A persistent reminder.
Impossible to ignore.
An alert that reaches out to you.
24 hour monitoring with Help Desk.
With BMS Assurance you'll be worry-free, we're already on it!

Learn More About BMS Assurance with
Connect - Monitor - Correct

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